The flexible perfect binder
The Quickbinder offers a unique diversity in application technology through the optional processing of hotmelt, dispersion and PUR (roller + nozzle) as well as the optimal processing of gauzing material for the production of book blocks or brochures with gauzing (i.e. swiss-brochures, Otabind-brochures) in one working process.

The Quickbinder is a universal adhesive binder with a small size of only 4.1m length and 1.8m width, but all the features of an industrial perfect binder. An outstanding feature of the Quickbinder is the fully motorized adjustment of all functions for adjusting product thickness and envelope size. The combination of motorized adjustment and graphical interactive user interface Navigator, forms the basis for a simple operation and a very economical operation. With a wide format range from A6 to A3 (A4 landscape) and product thicknesses up to 70mm the Quickbinder can be used for nearly all imaginable production tasks.

Optimized for the respective user, the Quickbinder is available in the following equipment variants:
Edition Basic, Edition Universal, Edition Digital.

Features as standard
Fully motorized regulation of all important functions for setting block thickness and cover formats
High-quality, high-performance spine preparation with main milling unit, multiple knife head and dust extraction system
Comprehensive gluing technology for selective processing of hotmelt, coldglue and PUR gluing with separate processing of spine and side gluing
Universal, easy-to-use rotary cover feeder for processing of 4, 6 and 8 page covers
Eassy to use thanks to the Navigator, a graphically interactive user interface
Technical data
Mechanical speed 500 – 2000 cycles/h*
Product height 110 – 430 mm 4,33″ – 16,93″
Product width 105 – 320 mm 4,13″ – 12,60″
Product thickness 2 – 70 mm 0,08″ – 2,76″

Cover height 110 – 435 mm 4,33″ – 17,13″
Cover width 208 – 650 mm 8,19″ – 25,59″
Width of rear side of cover 103 – 310 mm 4,06″ – 12,20″

Book hang-out 8, 10, 12 mm 0,31″, 0,39″, 0,47″
Opening width of clamps max. 90 mm max. 3,54″
* Net capacity depends on the material, product type, etc.

Editions Basic Universal Digital
Handfeeding station
Spine preparation station
Rotary cover feeder
Scoring station with up to 4 scores
Cover aligning and pressing station
Delivery unit
Cross-stacking device
Hotmelt spine gluing unit
Hotmelt side gluing unit
Coldglue equipment
PUR QuickJet (nozzle)
PUR compact (roller)
Otabind / Swiss brochure
Interface conveyor with laydown device
Delta 10 function
CBM (Cover-Bookblock-Matching)
Book block feeder
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