Cylinder Screen Printing SPS® STOP Cylinder Screen Printing Maschine

SPS® VITESSA XP STOP Cylinder Screen Printing Machine Unrivaled solid construction, ease of operation and immediate return on investment have made the SPS® VITESSA screen printing machines the top-selling STOP cylinder presses in the world. The SPS® VITESSA XP STOP cylinder screen printing machine combines this sound tradition with advanced operator comfort and the highest…




Cutting width 92 Wohlenberg High Speed Guillotines of the cut-tec product line are of solid construction and suited for processing various materials, as e.g. paper, cardboard, offset printing plates or similar cutting stock. Modern cutting technique allows rational cutting of different products and sizes. The guillotine can be economically used as stand-alone unit or integrated…




City e The automatic perfect binder The City e is the ideal perfect binder for industrial finishing- and printing companies. Frequent job changes along with high productivity, is the daily business for this automatic perfect binder. The outstanding feature of the City e is the intelligent combination of motorized and manual adjustments. All main and…




Quickbinder The flexible perfect binder The Quickbinder offers a unique diversity in application technology through the optional processing of hotmelt, dispersion and PUR (roller + nozzle) as well as the optimal processing of gauzing material for the production of book blocks or brochures with gauzing (i.e. swiss-brochures, Otabind-brochures) in one working process. The Quickbinder is…


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Muller Martini starbinder

The machine is model 1993 with the following specifications: The machine is model 1993 with the following specifications: 12 gathering stations Infeed raceway 18 clamp binding unit Milling and notching station 75L Pre-melt tank Hot melt spine glue One side stitching unit Hot melt side glue Pile cover feeder Nipping Station Exit Raceway Conveyor System…


KBA Rapida RA105-5 Universal year 2004

Koenig & Bauer Rapida RA105-5 Universal year 2004, with 251 million Impressions /dated: March 2019 Alcohol dampening Ergotronic console Semi Automatic Plate Change SAPC Technotrans refrigeration and circulating unit Baldwin blanket & Impression cylinders wash up device Replaced New modem for remote service support (M-Guard) CIP Link open Tools and accessories Press in good running…


Man Roland 304 P /1997

Man Roland 304 P /1997 Perfecting Auto Plate Loading Machine Condition Options: Can be seen in production,We offer as owners,Can be seen in operation,Good running order,In production