SPS® VITESSA XP STOP Cylinder Screen Printing Machine
Unrivaled solid construction, ease of operation and immediate return on investment have made the SPS® VITESSA screen printing machines the top-selling STOP cylinder presses in the world. The SPS® VITESSA XP STOP cylinder screen printing machine combines this sound tradition with advanced operator comfort and the highest STOP cylinder running speed seen in the screen printing industry.

In the set-up state, the squeegee bridge swings up from print level into the raised position. Now the screen carrier can be tilted and the exit segment of the delivery belt may be lowered – for quick access to the screen underside and the sheet guide devices.

SPS® synchroline with automatic belt speed synchronization between the print line components guarantees sheet transition from pile to pile without flutter and friction.
Technical Specifications
XP 1 primeline XP 2 classic
Max. sheet size, l * w
[mm * mm] 550 * 750 ¹ 750 * 1.060
Min. sheet size, l * w
[mm] 250 * 300 280 * 420
Print frame o/d, l * w
[mm] 960 * 960 ¹ 1.140 * 1.280
Print frame o/d (opt.), l * w
[mm] 880 * 880 ² 1.250 * 1.320
Cycle speed max. 1/hr 4.500 4.000
Length L [mm] 3.460
Width ³ W [mm] 1.830 2.165
Height H [mm] 1.650 1.660
¹ enlargement to max. sheet width of 800 mm & frame width of 1.000 mm on request, ² with reduction of max. print size to 505 mm * 710 mm, ³ + platforms on A and B side, in basic working position
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